3MT: Three Minute Thesis


Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia.  While the original competition was for graduate students, a number of colleges are now sponsoring undergraduate competitions. The Writing Center sponsored Harvard's first undergraduate Three-Minute Thesis competition in April 2019. 3MT offers seniors the opportunity to create an accessible and interesting presentation of their senior thesis research for an audience of non-specialists. All finalists were offered the opportunity to work with a writing tutor and a public speaking tutor to craft their final presentations.

First prize

Yiping Li (Psychology)
Infants’ Inferences About Insides

Second prize

Brian Yu (Computer Science and Linguistics)
Authorship Attribution: In Search of a Linguistic Fingerprint

Third prize

Hilda M. Jordan (Philosophy and African American Studies)
How should we think about racial identities?




Ashri Anurudran (Economics)
Empower to Eliminate: A Randomized Evaluation of a Sexual Violence Prevention Program in Kisumu, Kenya

Victor Agbafe (Government)
Income Security and Health

Rana Bansal (Economics)
Does Cash Matter for Trade? Evidence from India

Maya Chung (Earth and Planetary Sciences)
Down with Density: A New Way to Quantify Ocean Warming due to Climate Change

Melissa Dreier (Psychology)
Food, the Body, and the Peanut: Examining What it Means to Think Often About What We Eat

Ayanna Dunmore (Environmental Science and Public Policy)
Hurricanes Do Not Cause Disasters – People Do

Evan MacKay (Sociology)
Beyond the Vote: Felony Disenfranchisement, Exclusion, and Belonging

Gabriella Monico (Economics)
Brazil’s Magic Bean: The Impact of Historic Coffee Plantations on Development Today

Zaria Smalls (Design Engineering and Social Change)
Designed to Distract