3MT: Three Minute Thesis


You can watch the 2019 videos here.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia.  While the original competition was for graduate students, a number of colleges are now sponsoring undergraduate competitions.

3MT offers seniors the opportunity to create an accessible and interesting presentation of their senior thesis research for an audience of non-specialists. All finalists were offered the opportunity to work with a writing tutor and a public speaking tutor to craft their final presentations.

First prize

Samantha O'Sullivan (Physics / African American Studies)
Gullah Physics: Challenging English Language Hegemony in Science

Second prize

Sahar Mariam Mohammadzadeh (Government)
The Impact of Twitter on the Supreme Court

Third prize

Stephanie Alderete (Psychology)
Preschoolers' Ability to Think about Alternative Possibilities
Alex Grayson (Molecular & Cellular Biology)
Comparing Fox and Human Brain Connectivity Patterns
Javin Pombra (Computer Science)
Unraveling the Black Box: Explainability for Artificial Intelligence in the Twenty-First Century
Zelin Liu (Classics / History)
Using the Past to Define Group Identity
Jerrica Li (Comparative Literature)
Diaspora: A Genre for This New Planetary Reality
Jahnavi Rao (Government)
The Spillover Potential of a Nudge
Daiana Lilo (Government / Data Science)
A Great Personality: How Different Characteristics Can Predict Supreme Court Decisions