Undergraduates at Harvard College can visit the Writing Center for help with any writing assignment, fellowship application, or graduate school admissions essay. Writing Center tutors have one goal in mind: to help you become a better writer. While we focus our conferences on the ideas, argument, and organization of a particular paper, we also have in mind larger issues about argumentation, critical thinking, and style. We are happy to talk to you about your writing concerns in relation to a specific paper or in more general terms. The Writing Center is a resource for writers of all abilities. Just as professional writers show their work to trusted colleagues, we're here for students who value having a sensitive and helpful reader. We are also trained to help with specific issues that students face, such as inexperience in moving from high school to college writing, the challenges of argument, and the strategies for organizing papers of different lengths. While we cannot proofread or edit your work for you, we are happy to discuss your concerns about grammar or sentence structure, and to offer suggestions.

The Harvard College Writing Center is a resource for undergraduate students at Harvard. Please click on one of these links if you are a graduate student in GSAS or an Extension School student.